Blogging Lessons

photo by Mike Licht,

Blogging is a great way to “think your way into a subject and make it your own” and to have fun at the same time. Whether you write about your life, your friends, schoolwork, serious stuff, fun stuff, or flights of fancy, the very act of putting your thoughts into words will help you learn to think more deeply.

On this page, I’ve organized my best posts into categories, so you can go through them step by step and learn all about blogging at your own pace. Feel free to skip around, reading whatever sounds interesting to you.

The extra spots in each list are for future posts — there’s always more to learn, right? So please, if there’s any topic you’d like me to write about, let me know, either by posting a comment or by using the email form on my About TeacherMom page.

[Note: If you work your way through 12 or more of these posts and use the tips to improve your own blog, feel free to Grab a Sidebar Badge for yourself. You will have earned it!]

What is a Blog?

Blogging 101 Lessons

Brainstorming: What to Write About

Copyright and Plagiarism

Writing Tips and Tricks

Make It Easy for Your Reader!

Giving and Getting Comments

Photos and Other Extras

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Tips for Advanced Bloggers


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