What is Your Message?

photo by aturkus

Do you want to draw readers to your blog — especially the kind of readers who will come back again and again to read what you have to say? If so, then you need to define your “message.”

Blogger Justin Dixon shares:

The whole post is worth reading, but here are some highlights: “Each one of us has a unique experience, and angle to come at different problems, and each one of us have a different strength set. You have a message … Your message is the story that you tell people about your own life and theirs … What you are looking for is a common theme … What out of the things that you enjoy reading and writing makes you unique?”

Ask yourself questions like these

  • Why are you writing a blog?
  • What do you find exciting to think and talk and write about?
  • What type of people do you hope to connect with? What do these people have in common?
  • What type of problems does your target audience have?
  • What are you good at? If you have trouble coming up with an answer, then ask your friends and family.
  • What type of things do you like to read?
  • What have been your favorite things to write about in the past?

After you find your message

A well-defined message will help you find ideas and help focus your thoughts when you sit down to write. Print it on an index card and tape it to the wall near your desk. Summarize it in a tagline for your blog’s header, or post it in a text box near the top of your sidebar.

Continue to refine your message until it becomes a succinct and accurate summary of your blogging persona. As Dixon writes, “It is your brand, and without a strong message your blog is going to just end up being a raindrop lost in the ocean.”

[Hat tip: Jimmie shared a link to the Dixon post in her sidebar.]

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