Let it Snow!

Winter Meal

Image by Jan Tik via Flickr

If you’re a WordPress.com blogger, did you notice that you can get snow falling on your blog?

On your Dashboard, go to Appearance > Extras and click the “Show snow falling on my blog” box. Then remember to click the “Update Extras” button.

Unfortunately, the snow will expire on January 4th. I wish they’d let us keep it all winter long…

10 responses to “Let it Snow!

  • kyben

    Cool! I have it on mine now.

  • Shania

    Hello! That is cool that you can put the snow on your blog! We have snow on our class blog, The Ripple Effect. It looks really good. Too bad that it expires though because I really love snow.

  • Ryan

    Hi! It’s Ryan from Mrs. Braidwood’s class. It’s not on mine because on Edublogs you have to pay for it. Mrs. Braidwood has it on the class blog, though!

  • Kaley

    Your so lucky you guys can put snow onto your blog! I wish I could. My teacher, Mrs. Braidwood, can do that. 😦 I really like snow except for when it gets into my boots and clothes!

  • kyben

    Hey, did you know that the snow follows your mouse left and right?

  • kyben

    Katelyn got a version of it on Blogger, too!

  • kyben

    Okay, after some looking into stuff, we found that on blogger, you can:
    have falling leaves, flowers, balloons, and of course snow.
    Also you can have floating script.
    I’ll do a post on it on my blogger blog; look for it!

  • Denise

    That’s cool that blogger lets you do all those things! I’ll watch for your post…

  • Eli

    Hi I am Eli from Mrs.Braidwood’s class. I wish it would snow more where we live but it only snowed for three days so far. My sister and I had lots of fun. We went sledding, and had snowball fights, and made snowman. Does it snow where you live?

  • TeacherMom

    Hi, Eli!
    Where we live, it snows a bit, but there usually isn’t enough for snowmen or sledding. Mostly our winters are a combination of mud and ice, but we get a decent snow once or twice a year — and a few times, we’ve even had big enough drifts to make a snow cave. That was fun!