Why WordPress.com?

wordpress logo blue-lThe students in my Blogging 2 Learn class will create their blogs on WordPress.com. Why did I choose WordPress and not one of the other free blogging sites, like Blogger or HomeschoolBlogger?

Well, for one thing, I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2006, so I am comfortable here. And WordPress offers a number of features that make starting a new blog easy and fun for students:

  • 77 99 200+ themes (the “skin” of a blog) to choose from.
    (This is probably the most important factor from the kids’ point of view.)
  • No HTML required.
  • Great visual editing interface, and it automatically saves while you write.
  • Integrated statistics.
  • Akismet spam filter for comments.
  • Fantastic support system, in case we have problems.
  • Lots of sidebar widgets to play with.
  • The ability to write static pages as well as blog posts.
  • Easy posting of photos and video, plus tons of storage (3GB per blog).
  • A variety of privacy options to keep parents happy.

For more information about blogging with WordPress, take a look at these pages:

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