How To Add a Poll

Katie asked about adding a poll to her blog. I hadn’t tried that feature yet, which meant I had to work through it myself before I could answer her question. So I thought, “What would I like to know about my readers?” — and here’s the result:

I would love to hear what you like (or don’t like) about your blogging service in the Comments section below this post.

How To Create a Poll

  1. In your Dashboard sidebar, click Polls.
  2. If you don’t already have a PollDaddy account, choose to auto-create a new account.
  3. Click Add New to create a new poll.
  4. Type your poll question in the top box, and type the answers one by one.
  5. Choose your options: whether to allow multiple answers, show answers, allow repeat voting, etc.
  6. Click Save Poll.
  7. Click the List Polls link.
  8. Click Share-Embed.
  9. Copy the WordPress Shortcode. Be sure to include the square brackets!
    (The other codes are for putting your poll on Facebook or other websites.)
  10. Paste the shortcode in your post. Save Draft and Preview to see how it looks.
  11. If you want to make changes, go to Polls and click Edit.
    (Be sure to Save Poll again!)
  12. When you have it the way you like, Publish your post.

Notes and Suggestions

How strange! The poll appeared just fine in my draft post, but when I hit Publish, I couldn’t see it at first. I emptied my browser’s cache, but that didn’t seem to help. So then I came back to edit the post, putting in a note about the trouble I was having, and when I clicked Update, everything displayed properly. Weird!!! But if you have a disappearing poll, you might try to Edit and Update your post and see if the glitch straightens itself out for you, too.

If you want to put the poll in your sidebar, instead of in a post, then copy the shortcode into a Text Widget.

When I previewed my post, I saw that the poll wanted to crowd against my paragraph of introductory text above it. So I used a bit of HTML to separate them: <br /> will make a blank line in your post.

Finally, if you don’t have a blog, you can use the website to make a poll for your own blog, wherever it is hosted. Have fun!

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