How to Navigate the New Flickr

photo by jam343

We’ve talked before about how to add photos to your blog posts. But things have changed a bit since then. Flickr remodeled its website. Did you notice?

Some things are still the same. The site still features many beautiful and dramatic images. And you still want to search for photos tagged with Creative Commons (Attribution) because you are allowed to use those however you wish, as long as you give credit and link back to the photographer.

But the places you click to download the pictures are different.

View All Sizes

Once you’ve found a picture you like, you need to View all sizes so you can find the link for the photo itself. Look just above the photo and click the Actions button. A menu will drop down:

Choose a Size and Download the File

The download links are easy to see. Click on the size you want, and then right-click Download the (whatever) size of this photo. If you are using the Add media file from URL option, copy this link and paste it in the Image URL box.

Click the blue word Photo near the top of the page to go back to the main page for your image. Remember to link your image to its main Flickr page!

Fill in the Details

On Flickr’s remodeled site, the title is below the picture. (It used to be above it.) This is the title that the photographer gave his image, so copy this and paste it in the Image Title box.

The photographer’s name is still in the same place it used to be: near the top of the right-hand sidebar. Copy this into your Image Caption, or if you aren’t using a caption, then use the name (and make it a link back to the photo page, too!) when you write a credit line for your photo.

photo with a credit line

How to Write a Credit Line

On Blogging 2 Learn, I normally use the photographer’s name as a caption for each photo. On my math blog, however, I put the photo in plain and then add a credit line below it or to the side. Both the photo and the credit line serve as links back to the Flickr page.

I use HTML to make the credit line smaller than the text in the rest of my blog post. Put a <font> tag before and after the sentence, like this:

<font size="1">Photo by <a href="http://photopageURL">photographer's name</a>.</font>

The number that you put in the quotation marks will determine how big or small the text appears:

font size=”1″
font size=”2″
font size=”3″
font size=”4″

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