What is a Student Blog?

photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

My children have started a few blogs over the years, and I’ve enjoyed watching their writing skills grow. Each blog has its own personality, and together they will give you an idea of the variety of things your student might try.

Click on the blog name to visit each site:

Chicken Scratchings

In our first attempt at student blogging, Chickenfoot wrote farce and fractured fairy tales. He neglected the blog for a couple of years, but recently he’s been re-inspired and has begun to shoot humorous video as well.

Kitten’s Purrings

Princess Kitten has been our most prolific student blogger. She writes animal stories, poetry, and whatever else strikes her fancy. Lately, however, she’s gotten distracted from blogging to work on her novel.

Niner’s Snapfair

Not long after the other kids started their blogs, Worpress.com announced a blog theme designed specifically for photographers. Niner (pronounced Neener) jumped at the chance to show off some of her favorite shots. But then she got too busy…

College & The Years After

When I started working on plans for a blogging class, Niner decided to try again, this time with a personal blog. The more flexible format will give her a chance to write about whatever strikes her fancy, yet she can still post her photos and artwork, too.

Moonlight Press

The newest addition to our family blog collection: “Even as a young girl, I loved reading about other worlds and all the wonderful adventures that people have on them. Book knowledge can never match actual experience, though. You never realize just how big a dragon is until he starts contemplating you as his next meal…”

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