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Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #29

My blog may have been AWOL recently, but the homeschooled kid bloggers have been busy!

What fun! Go visit several of the students’ posts, and be sure to leave them some encouraging comments.

If you would like to submit a blog article to the next edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival, you can use the carnival submission form on the kids blog carnival page. You can also find all the back-issues of the carnival there, for your browsing pleasure.

New Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival

2 & 1/2 and already a computer junky!

Image by Wilson (Army Gal) via Flickr

The 23rd Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival is now posted, with a nice variety of things to read. Fiction and non-fiction, places to visit and movie/book reviews, lego projects and horse quotations, and even some math, and more. Go visit all the homeschool bloggers, and be sure to leave some comments. Every blogger loves to hear from readers!

Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #22

Okay, this notice is late, as the carnival was published nearly a month ago — but it’s still well worth visiting: twenty-two homeschooled student bloggers in the twenty-second carnival. Wow!

The kids are writing about a wide variety of interesting things, so go check them out.

P.S.: While you’re in the mood to visit kid blogs, two of my students have teamed up to write a new (and so far, very silly) blog called Collaborative Randomness. We’ve been meeting at Panera Bread once a week for “Writer’s Day Out”, but Gecko is moving out of state, so today was our last day together. The collaborative blog will be a way for them to continue the fun from a distance…

Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #21 via Home Education Resources

The latest Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival is up and ready for browsing. Enjoy!

Welcome once again to the homeschooled kids blog carnival. Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to dust off our blogs, get rid of the cobwebs and make some fresh posts…

Go read it!

Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #20

“It’s time for another edition of the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival! I wish you all a warm welcome –– and a Happy New Year. And the new year is the theme for our carnival this month. It seems like a time for new things to happen, doesn’t it? New adventures, new opportunities – and new things to learn…”

Read the whole carnival at Home Education Resources!

Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival # 17

Check out the latest Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival over at Alice’s Bunny Blog. Be sure to leave comments to encourage the participating bloggers.

If your post was included in the carnival and you would like to put a blog carnival button in your sidebar, the instructions are here:

Go Read the Homeschool Kids Carnival

Homeschooled Kids CarnivalThis month’s blog carnival is up at Let’s Call It a Journey:

Homeschool Kids Carnival #18

Amber did an excellent job at putting it all together! Go visit her blog and read all about the fun things your fellow homeschool bloggers are writing.