Improve Your Blog with These Writing Tips

photo by Mike Licht,

Since my homeschool co-op class let out, I’ve shamefully neglected this blog. I did write a couple of blogging articles over at Let’s Play Math!:

I also embarked on a huge project that ate up all my energy for a few weeks. (But more about that in a future post…) Meanwhile, here are some writing tips you might enjoy from my three favorite blogs about blogging.


Skellie doesn’t publish new posts very often, but I always enjoy reading what she has to say. Her archives are full of great advice, such as:


Brian writes about how to “tell compelling stories that grab attention and connect with people.” I linked to a couple of articles recently, but there are always new things to learn (and old things that are worth re-learning!) For instance:


Darren’s blog is more focused on earning money at blogging, which is not my goal, but I still find helpful articles from time to time:

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