How to Avoid Accidents

When I write a long post like Sidebar Widgets or Show Off Your Best Stuff, I go through it over and over and over again, proofreading and tweaking sentences until I am (mostly) satisfied. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to a problem.

Have you ever noticed that the Publish button is big and blue and attracts the eye, while the Save Draft button is light gray and almost invisible against the white background? Can you guess what my accident was?

That Blasted Blue Button

photo by striatic

On my math blog, I’m writing a series of fiction stories called the Mathematical Adventures of Alexandria Jones. Imagine that Indiana Jones got married and homeschooled his kids, and you’ll have the basic idea. Interwoven between the stories are lessons about various math concepts (this month, probability) and a few quotations and historical tidbits.

So there I was, polishing up a draft on math history, and I tried to save it so I could preview how it looked. Except, I clicked the wrong button. I realized my error even before the page finished loading and tried to stop it, but the signal had already gone out into hyperspace (or wherever the Internet lives). So I clicked on Edit Status and changed it back to Draft. Save. Check blog. Post is gone. Whew!

But when I checked my blog reader, guess what showed up? Yep! The draft post, in all its unfinished messiness, had gone out to all subscribers via my RSS feed. Oops! I wrote an apology post, but the damage was done.

Back to the Future

So now I’m going through my drafts and using the Schedule for option. It’s just above the dangerous blue button, and if you click on Edit, you can set the date and time when you want the post to appear. Remember to click OK after you set whatever date or time you want.

I’m scheduling all my draft posts to be “published” in the year 3010…

Of course, when I am ready to publish this post for real, I’ll change it back to today’s date. But until then, I can click Save Draft and keep on writing and editing like normal — and if I miss the Save button and click that big, blue Schedule instead, I’m the only one who will know!

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