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Would you like to share your blog with a friend? That is what Kitten and Gecko decided to do recently. They started a joint blog called Collaborative Randomness — and it is definitely random (and usually funny).

I saw how easy it was for them to set up a blog for two users, so I decided to do the same thing, only backwards. I needed to set up my two blogs for one user. See, originally I had my math blog, and then I started teaching a blogging class for our homeschool co-op. It had been so long since I started my math blog that I wasn’t sure I remembered all the steps, so I started a new blog (this one) totally from scratch, writing down each step.

But trying to juggle two blogging identities (each with their own separate log-ins) became a major nuisance. Solution: Add my math blogger identity as a user on this blog. Now I only have to log in once, and I can access both Dashboards and write posts on both blogs. Cool!

Warning: Be Careful!

Adding someone as a Contributor is always safe, and adding someone as an Author is usually fine. But before you add someone as an Editor or Administrator, you need to be totally sure that you absolutely trust them. Editors can go back and change any of your posts whenever they want, and Administrators have complete control over every aspect of your blog — they could even permanently delete the blog, if they were feeling malicious!

For more information on what the various users can do, read the support page about User Roles.

Here’s How To Do It

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