Co-op Class Schedule

by Mike Licht,

To introduce our homeschool co-op blogging class, here are some posts by my students:

Kitten: Bloggers Ed 101

Climbing Gecko: Blogging Class/Happy Fun Time

For the sequel, we have two veteran bloggers coming back to the class (Kitten and Curlyben), along with a passel of newbies ranging from 8 to 14 years old.

About the Class

In addition to talking about rss feeds and sidebar widgets and all the other basics of blogging, I hope to work with the students to improve their writing and editing skills. We’ll be using DownWRITE Funny by Randy Larson as a “textbook” for editing exercises and for occasional silly writing prompts. Of course, if the kids are anything like my last class, they will be capable of profound silliness without any prompting.

I will encourage the students to sign up for the Challenge Yourself to Blog program, too, although we’ll make the challenges optional. It looks like a good way to “meet” other student bloggers from around the world.

Tentative Lesson Plans

Based on our experiences last semester, I’ve planned out a list of lesson topics. We only have 10 weekly class sessions before our holiday break, compared to 12 weeks last time, so the plan seems a little rushed to me. Of course, I’ll be tinkering with things right up to class time each week. We’ll see how it goes.

As we progress through the year, I will update the following list of class lessons and homework assignments:

  • Week 3: The Sidebar is for Your Readers
    Editing: More practice with run-ons.
    Homework: Drag the appropriate Widgets to your sidebar. Work on a post & write one or more comments. If you have a favorite post, submit it to the Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival.

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