How To Make (and Remember!) a Strong Password

photo by Darwin Bell

A strong password will keep your blog safe from badguys on the Internet, so make sure your password is a mighty one. Keep to these rules:

  • Don’t use your name, birthday, or any other personal data.
  • Don’t use any word that might be found in a dictionary.
  • Use at least 8 characters, up to as many as 20.
  • Include a mixture of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and special symbols like @#$.

A good password looks like a random mess that would be impossible to remember. But you will always be able to know your password, if you follow these steps.

Three Easy Steps

Start by thinking of a sentence you can remember easily, perhaps a favorite quotation or song lyric, something like:

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” –Mark Twain

Take the first letter from each word:


Change some of the letters to capitals or to symbols. Try to think of symbols that are related to the letters in some way, so that you can remember them. I’ll use $ for “s” and 3 for “E”:


After you figure out a good, strong password, practice writing it from memory until you are sure that you know it perfectly.

[Hat tip: Kim Komando.]

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