FREE Homeschool Blogging Correspondence Course

photo by P i c t u r e Y o u t h

If you live too far away to join our homeschool co-op, your student can still take my blogging class with the free Homeschool Blogging Correspondence Course.

It’s easy! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog. Choose from the following options:

  • Fetch the RSS feed.
    Wondering what an RSS feed is? See the video explanation below.
  • Or get updates by email.
    You’ll get an email whenever I publish a blog post. No spam, I promise!
  • Then post your blog’s name and URL in the Comments section below, so I can add you to my blogroll. [Student bloggers only, please!]

All of our blogging lessons and homework assignments will be posted here, along with extra tips that I don’t have time to discuss in the weekly face-to-face class. And you can ask questions whenever you want, either by commenting on a post or by using the contact form on my About TeacherMom page.

To get started now, read To My New Blogging Students and Their Parents and Week 1: A Blogger’s First Steps.

What’s an RSS Feed?

[If the embedded version doesn’t work, see the video on YouTube: RSS in Plain English.]

Or here’s a good summary, if you’d rather read than watch a video:

20 responses to “FREE Homeschool Blogging Correspondence Course

  • Tiffany Manley

    I hope we’re not too late! My daughter {pen name to come} would like to join this course. I was actually spending time putting lesson plans together for her when I came upon this at “Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers”.


  • TeacherMom

    Never too late! Most of our technical details will apply to WordPress, not Blogger, but the principles are the same for any blog.

  • Tatiana

    Please add my son, Isaiah, too.

    blog name – “Mental Weight”

    Thanks for this vid. My plan was to get him set up on Google Reader this week…so this is perfect!

  • michelle

    I’m hoping that we can participate in your correspondence course also. We live in Australia so yeah, we are a bit far away 😉
    The above blog has been created by my son.
    thanks lots,

  • TeacherMom

    I’ve added Cybertronarchives to the link list. To participate in the “correspondence course” you just need to read through any of the Blogging Lesson articles that look interesting to you and subscribe to my RSS feed or email updates.

    You can send in questions at any time, using the contact form on my About page. Since my blogging class was canceled for this semester, I will not be posting as often as in the past, but I’m glad to answer questions from students at any time!

  • Urban Academic

    I’m so happy to have found this. I started my 12yo on a blogging assignment, but I truthfully have no expertise in this area and have been winging it. He’s eager to have a forum to express himself and I think it’s a great way for him to connect with other home schoolers, while working on his writing skills.Thanks for doing this. He’ll be signing on this week.

  • Inga

    Please add ” Bryce”! Thanks

  • Denise

    I’d love to add him! But please tell me, where is his blog? I need the URL (that is, the internet address).

  • Amy M

    Are you still doing this at all or are there just the archives to go through. They look great and comprehensive from the little I have peeked. There seems to be a lot to go through and it is a tad daunting to me. At the beginning of the First Steps page, you mention a book… How necessary is the book? Should I wait to start until we have it or can we just wing it without?
    Thanks! ~Amy

  • Denise

    Hi, Amy!

    I keep intending to get back to this blog, adding new information and revising the old, but I’ve been too busy. So for now, and perhaps until I get another co-op class together someday, there are just the archives and links. As you said, there is plenty of information here, so take your time working through it.

    The book (DownWRITE Funny by Randy Larson) was just for my in-person class, to add some writing/editing exercises each week. There’s no reason you would need to get it for working on your own.

    Best Wishes!

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  • Cindy Tan

    Hi, a friend recommended me to this site. My 13 year old (maybe her sister too) would like to start a blog for all her poems, stories, etc …
    Is it too late to start now with you?
    Also, what do you need her to have first before she starts her blog?
    How long does each lesson takes? I’m hoping to include that in as part of her homeschool schedule 🙂

  • Denise Gaskins

    Hi, Cindy,
    Thank you for dropping by!

    Your daughters can start blogging at any time. The “Correspondence Course” is really just this blog, so you can take it at your own pace. When I was running my homeschool co-op courses, I told the families to plan on at least an hour a week for blog-related work, which can be counted as part of your language curriculum.

    A good place to start is the post To My New Blogging Students and Their Parents, which tells you some things you need to think about before you get started blogging (or doing much else on the internet).

    If your daughters would like to be included with the other students in my Correspondence Course blogroll, please send me (or post here in the comments) a link to their blogs, once they are up and running.

  • Cindy Tan

    Hi Denise,

    Thank you for your reply!
    We have started navigating your website blog … and it is really useful! THANK YOU so much for putting time & effort into this!

    My girls’ blog are:

    Enjoy … they are excited to start & rearing to go!!


  • Denise Gaskins

    Thanks! I’ve added your girls’ blogs to the blogroll.

  • sterlingruby

    Hi Denise,

    I would like to join your blogging correspondence course. I live in New Zealand and enjoy writing a lot. I have always been homeschooled.

    This is my blog name: sterlingruby and my address is:

    Thank you,

    Eden (with Mum’s help and permission 🙂

  • Denise Gaskins

    Hi, Eden, I like your blog — but I’m sad about your broken arm!

    This comment got lost in my overflowing email inbox, 😦 but I’m finally getting your link added to my Correspondence Course list. Sorry for the delay.

  • Barbara Smith

    Denise – I am interested in your correspondence program for my 15 yo dd but am not quite sure how it works? And are you still doing this? Does she just do the assignments on her own schedule and then let you know? do you give feedback? Have you written a more complete description of how it is working? Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Denise Gaskins

    Hi, Barb, and thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry I took so long to answer — as you can tell, I no longer update this blog as often as I would like. I have good intentions to do more, but my other writing takes a priority (homeschool math blog, books, Facebook, and Pinterest).

    The “Correspondence Course” idea was primarily a way to communicate my goal with the email/rss subscription: Students would subscribe to the blog, follow along with the lessons as my homeschool class did them, and write a comment or send a message on the About page if they had questions.

    Now, all the lessons are posted on the home page, so it’s basically independent study, though I will still try to answer a student’s question if they comment or message me. Hopefully faster than I answered yours! And I still occasionally add a new student to the blog list, though I haven’t gone through recently to check the old links and see if they are still writing. I should do that one of these days…

    If your daughter did get a blog started and wants me to include her in my student list, just let me know her URL.

    I still hope to come back and add to this blog, though since my homeschool blogging class ended, my focus has changed a bit. I may still write about blogging, but I’ve been wanting to offer advice and help for homeschool writers who want to self-publish. I’ve added some of my favorite links to the sidebar, and I’ve been putting up more on my Homeschool Novelist page on Pinterest.

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