Blogging 101: Let’s Write!

Hello, and welcome to the fourth post in my Blogging 101 Series. You’ve created your account and set up your blog. Now it’s time to write!

The whole point of a blog is to write posts, to share ideas, to express yourself. But when you sit down at the computer and face a blank screen, how do you think of something to write?

Assignment: Brainstorm 10 Post Ideas

photo by Mike Licht,

It’s the all-time most-asked question about writing: “Where do you get ideas?”

Here are several bits of helpful advice:

Try one of the brainstorming techniques listed, or any other method you like, and make a list of at least ten possible topics you could write about for your blog. Even better, try to get 20 ideas — the longer your list, the more likely you are to find something that really sparks your imagination, something you just can’t wait to write about.

If you like writing prompts to kick-start your brain, check out one of my favorite prompt sites:

Once you find a topic you like, try one of these methods to stretch that topic for all it is worth. You may find that one simple topic could give you enough ideas for a whole series of blog posts!

Write a Blog Post Using One of Your Ideas

Pick your favorite idea from the brainstorming list, and turn it into a blog post. For longer posts, you will probably want to save your first draft so you can re-read and edit it later:

And before you click that big, blue “Publish” button, be sure to proofread your post!!!

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