“Let’s Play Math!” Beta Edition Published

More than a year and a half ago, I wrote the following:

The economy has hit us where it hurts — our homeschool co-op was canceled this semester, due to low enrollment. 😦 That means no blogging class, although I will continue to post tips and links from time to time.

For now, though, I have thrown myself into a new project: I’m writing a book. Actually, I’m re-writing a series of books that I self-published in the late last century…

Well, the books have taken much longer than I expected, and they’re still not done. But a “beta” edition of the first one is now online at Amazon.com, if you’re interested.

  • Let’s Play Math:
    How Homeschooling Families Can Learn Math Together, and Enjoy It!

    Discover new ways to explore math as a family adventure, playing with ideas. True mathematical thinking involves the same creative reasoning that children use to solve puzzles. Introduce your children to the “Aha!” factor, the thrill of solving a challenging puzzle, and build thinking skills with toys, games, and library books. Find out how to choose math manipulatives, or make your own, and learn how to tackle story problems with confidence. Let’s Play Math will give you a wealth of motivating, hands-on ideas for teaching home school math.

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