Plinky Writing Prompts

[Wordpress recently added a new service:, which offers a different writing prompt every day. I decided to try it out, and this is the post it created. Personally, I like promptmonkey or Dragon Writing Prompts better — or even MAA Minute Math. If you want to give Plinky a try, check out the instructions: Plinky: A Tool for Writer’s Block.]

What book could you read over and over?

There are so many wonderful books in the world that I can't possibly give this question a thorough answer. But I'll take a stab at it…

Bible Study 2

(1) The Bible has depth that bears up to repeated rereading and study throughout one's life.

(2) The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of my all-time favorites, and it's been a few years since I read it last. Time to pull it off the shelf again?

(3) The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede is always a fun way to pass an afternoon.

(4) Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics by Liping Ma — there always seems to be something more for me to learn from that book.

(5) Um… well, if I go take a look at my bookshelves, I'm sure I could find titles enough to keep this post going almost forever. Puzzle books, historical fiction, more fantasy, a bit of poetry… I'm a book addict, I think.

But why am I sitting here typing, when I could be reading?

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