Blogging 101: Want More Blog Traffic? Be Useful!

want traffic, be useful

My daughter originally started her blog to showcase her stories, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. But recently she bought a new computer, so she wrote a review of the Windows 8 operating system, with tips on how to navigate the new interface — and look what happened to her blog traffic.

Moral of the story: If you want to bring more traffic to your blog, be useful.

Assignment: Solve a Reader’s Problem

Think about what your readers want or need:

  • to find good homeschooling resources
  • to discover what a homeschooler’s life is really like
  • to find great tips and practical advice
  • to laugh
  • to be entertained
  • to know the latest news
  • to hear new viewpoints
  • to think deeply about a topic
  • to learn how to ________
  • to improve their skills at ________
  • to know that they aren’t the only one who struggles with ________

Write a blog post that solves a reader’s problem, either one from the list above or something else you think of. And then come here and give us (in the comments) a link to your post so we can all enjoy it.

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