Congratulations, Kitten!

photo by dougwoods

Today is Princess Kitten‘s blogiversary. Check out her post:

Kitten writes mainly fiction posts, such as:

  • The adventures of Panther and Cimorene
    One of her first forays into fiction, a series of short stories very loosely based on her real-life kitties. She tells me that more posts will come whenever inspiration strikes.

She hasn’t blogged much this summer (although she did finish her How my name nearly changed series), as she’s been working full-time on her novel. She finished it this week, and now we’ve started editing…

5 responses to “Congratulations, Kitten!

  • katiejoyb

    Just to let you know, the blocker we have doesn’t let me see the pictures you post from that site because of some category on it, you definitely don’t need to stop using it ’cause of me but if there are a bunch of people who’s blocker blocks those it might be something to think about…

  • TeacherMom

    Your parents have your Internet filter on a strong setting. That is a good idea, because there are certainly some very inappropriate pictures posted on Flickr. Your parents are protecting you from accidentally viewing something that you don’t want to be putting in your mind. As an adult, I don’t even want to be putting those things in my mind!

    I’ve chosen to run my Internet filter setting at a lower level, however, because I want to be able to see all of the beautiful and dramatic things that people have taken pictures of. (We also allow YouTube at our house. That’s another website that has some nasty stuff on it, but it also has classic movies, some great humor, Christian music, etc.)

    I think I can get the pictures so you can see them, even though they are from Flickr. I just need to get into the habit of downloading them to my computer and then putting them on WordPress. I’ll do this post first, but it will take me awhile to go back and do all of them…

    …There. Can you see the kitten now?

  • katiejoyb

    Oh my, you don’t need to go back and redo all those pictures, I was just letting you know, and, I can see most YouTube videos

  • katiejoyb

    Oh, yes, I can see that really cute kitten 🙂

  • TeacherMom

    Well, it’s actually better blogging practice to download the pictures and put them on my WordPress account, rather than using the “From URL” option to add them. Using “From URL” is the lazy way, but I got into that habit because our blogging class computer lab was at a church, and I didn’t want the students downloading a bunch of stuff to the church computers.

    But if the photographer ever takes the photo off of Flickr, it will disappear from my blog, too. Whereas, if I download it, then I have a copy, even if the Flickr page disappears. (Although that adds an interesting twist—how do I link to the photographer to give credit, if he or she takes down the Flickr page?)

    So, you see, it isn’t just for you that I would redo the pictures. It will help me, too. I’ve gotten quite a few of them done, so feel free to browse around and let me know if I missed any…

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