Do You Tweet? Pondering Another New Button

How funny! Two days ago I wrote a post complaining about a button that added to all our blog posts — and today, they announce another one. I see a couple of important differences between the two:

  • The tweet button is turned off by default, which leaves us bloggers in control of our own blogs. The like button was imposed on all of us by default, and if we didn’t like it, we had to manually turn it off. (Not hard to do, but a nuisance.)
  • The tweet button may provide a service to our readers. I don’t know. How easy is it to tweet a blog post, anyway? Does the button actually help?

So What Do You Think?

Do you tweet blog posts? If so, do you think the button is helpful? Or is it clutter?

I’m not on Twitter, but I know a lot of math teachers are. Some of them post long blog lists of their favorite tweets of the day/week/whatever. So perhaps those who read my math blog will appreciate the button.

[Personally, those lists merely serve to convince me that Twitter would be a black hole draining away all my time.]

For this blog, I’ll give the button a chance. But I doubt it will stick around long…


I turned the button back off on both blogs. It didn’t seem to keep an accurate count, since it still showed zero on a post for which I’d received two Twitter pingbacks. Maybe I’ll change my mind whenever WordPress adds a more buttons — or maybe not.


5 responses to “Do You Tweet? Pondering Another New Button

  • TeacherMom

    According to Andy at, more buttons are on their way:
    “We’re working on lots of new ways to share your posts, so look out for more soon.”

  • katiejoyb

    I don’t like the new format to the “gray line” where your account, dashboard, etc. etc. are (don’t know what else to call it) either, it’s to hard to click on what you want

  • TeacherMom

    I agree with you on that, Katie! 😦

    It’s called the “gray admin bar” on this page. I think I’ve also seen it called the “gray stripe.”

    Maybe we’ll get used to it after awhile, but to me it seems much harder to use than it used to be. I especially don’t like that it takes two clicks (or a “hover” and a click) instead of one to get to my Dashboard. And if my mouse happens to stray to the wrong place, a drop-down menu pops up and blocks the page I’m trying to read. Yuck!

    Did you notice that the Edit Post link disappeared for awhile? They moved it way over to the right, so it was hiding behind the Search button. But later that afternoon, or maybe the next day, I noticed it was back near the middle of the bar. I bet that was because they got so many complaints from people who couldn’t find the link.

  • katiejoyb

    I wonder if you can change that back

  • TeacherMom

    I don’t think so — at least, I’ve never heard of any way to personalize the admin bar.

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