Homeschool Kids Carnival — Submissions Due

Kitten has volunteered to host this month’s Homeschool Blogs By Kids carnival, and now is the time to send in your submissions!!! Look over your recent blog posts and choose a favorite, then click here to fill out the submission form.


2 responses to “Homeschool Kids Carnival — Submissions Due

  • katiejoyb

    That would be fun to host sometime, if it’s available! How do you volunteer for that?

  • TeacherMom

    Hosting a blog carnival can be a big job, so the first thing is to make sure your parents are willing to help you. You will want them as proofreaders, at least, but also as back-up writers if you start feeling swamped. (Though as long as you do some of the writing ahead of time, it shouldn’t be too bad. Kitten is working on her introduction and finding pictures now, so she’ll be ready to go by the end of the month.)

    If your parents are willing for you to try hosting the carnival, then I suggest you skim these blog posts (from my math blog), which describe the work involved:
    * How To Host a Blog Carnival
    * What Is a Blog Carnival Theme?
    The Homeschool Kids Carnival is a bit easier than the math carnivals. I think Julie filters out the spam and will send us links to the good articles a little while before our carnival is due — at least, Kitten has not received any submissions or spam so far.

    Finally, if you are still interested in hosting the carnival, you would need to email Julie (who organizes it) and let her know.

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