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Blogging 101: Want More Blog Traffic? Be Useful!

want traffic, be useful

My daughter originally started her blog to showcase her stories, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. But recently she bought a new computer, so she wrote a review of the Windows 8 operating system, with tips on how to navigate the new interface — and look what happened to her blog traffic.

Moral of the story: If you want to bring more traffic to your blog, be useful.

Assignment: Solve a Reader’s Problem

Think about what your readers want or need:

  • to find good homeschooling resources
  • to discover what a homeschooler’s life is really like
  • to find great tips and practical advice
  • to laugh
  • to be entertained
  • to know the latest news
  • to hear new viewpoints
  • to think deeply about a topic
  • to learn how to ________
  • to improve their skills at ________
  • to know that they aren’t the only one who struggles with ________

Write a blog post that solves a reader’s problem, either one from the list above or something else you think of. And then come here and give us (in the comments) a link to your post so we can all enjoy it.

Blogging 101: Let’s Write!

Hello, and welcome to the fourth post in my Blogging 101 Series. You’ve created your account and set up your blog. Now it’s time to write!

The whole point of a blog is to write posts, to share ideas, to express yourself. But when you sit down at the computer and face a blank screen, how do you think of something to write?

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Blogging 101: First Steps

Hello, and welcome to the third post in my Blogging 101 Series. Today, we will get your blog up and running.

Your Dashboard is your blog’s main control panel. Take this quick video tour, and after that we’ll look closer at the Dashboard and tweak several settings to make your blog as safe and reader-friendly as we can.

If you would like a checklist to guide you through this lesson, print out the Blog Settings Handout.

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Blogging 101: Getting Started

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Blogging 101: Introduction

Since the last recession, our homeschool co-op has been too small to support a blogging class, and while most of the how-to information on this blog is still relevant, the internet keeps a-changing.

So I’ve decided to refresh everything by starting up a new Blogging 101 Series, using several of the wonderful WordPress.com tutorial videos and adding tips especially for student bloggers. I hope you find it useful!

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