New Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival

2 & 1/2 and already a computer junky!

Image by Wilson (Army Gal) via Flickr

The 23rd Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival is now posted, with a nice variety of things to read. Fiction and non-fiction, places to visit and movie/book reviews, lego projects and horse quotations, and even some math, and more. Go visit all the homeschool bloggers, and be sure to leave some comments. Every blogger loves to hear from readers!


About Denise Gaskins

I'm a veteran homeschooling mom who blogs about the adventure of learning, teaching, and playing around with mathematics from preschool to pre-calculus. If you enjoy my blog, please click here to check out my books. View all posts by Denise Gaskins

14 responses to “New Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival

  • Julie

    Ah Denise. Thank you.
    Am glad you did this as I my todo list keeps reminding me find your blogging lessons. Someone has been asking me questions about setting up a blog for the children and I wanted to point them here. Am off to add your blog to my kids carnival page.
    Thanks again and best wishes, Julie.

  • Denise

    You’re welcome, Julie!
    This fall, our homeschool co-op will not have a blogging class. (Remains to be seen whether we will have any classes at all. The economy is still struggling in our town.) But I’ve been meaning to write some new posts here, for the sake of my Correspondence Course students and general readers. So the carnival coming through got me off my duff a bit. I’ve actually finished one new post, scheduled for tomorrow…

  • Kyle

    Hi teachermom,
    I’m trying to enter the carnival but it is not working. I have to type in a word that appears on the screen, and I typed it in, but it is not working.
    I wanted to enter my blog as I have heard a lot about it from here and you recommended it in your blogging lessons. Do you have any suggestions?

  • TeacherMom

    Hi, Kyle!
    I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly, so I haven’t kept up with the carnival. But if the form for entering the carnival isn’t working, you could try leaving your entry as a comment on the last carnival post. That should work.

  • Julie

    Hi Kyle! – Can you try emailing me through my contact form? It is at – or leave your details on the blog at if that doesn’t work. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    And hi! TeacherMom – hope you are well! Julie.

  • Denise

    We’re doing well, just totally distracted with school and house work, and spending what free time I have on book editing. I keep telling myself I should come back and update this blog’s content, but realistically, that will probably wait until I have another blogging class, someday.

  • Julie

    Oh, Denise. Congratulations. Is it a maths book?

  • Denise

    Yes, I’m working on revising and republishing my old how to teach homeschool math books from a dozen years ago. I hope to have the ebook versions out sometime this summer. The print versions will cost more to prepare, so I’m holding off with those to see if I earn enough to cover expenses.

  • Julie

    Denise – Do email me when they are published so I can help promote for you.

  • Denise

    Thank you, I will. Right now, I’m in the beta-reader editing stage with one of them. Would you be interested in giving your opinion on the manuscript?

  • Julie

    Denise, I would love to but I don’t think I have the time to do justice to it at the moment. What sort of deadline would there be?

  • Denise

    Well, I didn’t give a deadline to my other beta-readers, but I hope they get their comments back to me within a month or so. I probably need about that long to work on the appendixes and ebook formatting and other incidentals. (Oh, and I also need to find someone to do a cover design. Better add that to the to-do list…)

  • Julie

    Denise, I’m sorry. I am going to say no. I have overstretched myself already for the next couple of months. But the promoting offer still stands. Re your cover – a friend of mine has just had her kindle book cover done by Colin Dunbar and was happy with it.

  • Denise

    Thank you for the lead on cover art! I think I’ll post a book update on my blog to see if I can get a few more beta-readers.

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