Hex-a-Hop: Download and Enjoy

Hex-a-hop is one of my family’s favorite mind-bending logic games. The goal is to get rid of all the green hexes without drowning your little girl character, but of course, it’s not as easy as she makes it look:

Where to Get the Game

Download the latest version of Hex-a-hop (for Windows or Linux) from the official website. No installation needed: just extract (or “unzip”) the files and start playing.

Or if you’d rather, download and install the older, silent version from cnet.

Both feature the same puzzles, which get more difficult as you work through the game, and you can expect to get stuck doing and undoing some levels several times before you figure them out. All the puzzles are solvable, so don’t give up!

If you can’t stand the frustration, however, there are YouTube “cheat” videos like this to walk you through the tough spots:

Find more logic games and puzzles on Blogging 2 Learn!

3 responses to “Hex-a-Hop: Download and Enjoy

  • Gregory L

    Hello I’m Gregory from Ms.Braidwood’s class. This game Hex-a-Hop looks very challenging and fun. I think I might try this game. What level is your favourite in the game?

  • TeacherMom

    Hi, Gregory!
    I don’t know what would be my favorite level. I supposed it would be one that is hard, but not TOO hard. A few years ago, I worked through all the levels on my old computer. Last week I downloaded it to my new computer and started working them again. Fun! 🙂

  • Math Teachers at Play

    […] my favorites as well, and Denise presents another post in her series on logic puzzles and games.  Hex-a-Hop is the latest that she and her students have […]

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