I’m Crazy for KenKen

I liked Sudoku for awhile, but then it got boring. Now I’m addicted to the more mathy challenge of KenKen. Try it for yourself:

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2 responses to “I’m Crazy for KenKen

  • robert Fuhrer

    Hi Teacher Mom,

    We love it when teachers and parents use KenKen with kids. So, we’re glad you’re “crazy about KenKen” and sharing this wonderful new puzzle with others.
    Kind regards,
    Robert Fuhrer
    President, KenKen Puzzle Co.

  • MathMojo

    Congratulations on discovering KenKen. That is a great move. KenKen is about the best brain-training you can get on the fly, and it’s so much fun that it is truly addictive.

    There aren’t many ways to learn it beyond the simplest level, so I’ve put some free vids up at http://mathmojo.com/kenken

    That should help anyone get beyond the beginner stage.

    You’re going to love KenKen.

    Go figure!

    Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at MathMojo.com )

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