Set Daily Puzzle

Three cards from a Set deck. These cards each ...

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While I’m on the topic of logic games, I love the card game Set. You can play it online, too:

Object: To find all 6 sets in the 12 cards displayed. For each puzzle, you may reuse any of the 12 cards displayed as many times as needed to complete all 6 different sets.

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14 responses to “Set Daily Puzzle

  • connor

    Hello. I’m Connor from Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I love this game! It’s really fun to play in class. We usually play every week but lately we haven’t played very much. Our high score is 1:56. What’s your high score?

  • Eli

    Hello. I am Eli from Mrs. Braidwood’s class.
    I love playing Set. We play the daily puzzle in our classroom sometimes on our SMART board. Our high score is 1:56, what is yours?

  • Ryan

    Hello! It’s Ryan from Mrs. Braidwood’s class here. We play Set in our class sometimes during the week. I myself am not very good at it. It isn’t something I would choose to do but I’ll play it in class.

  • Aiden

    Hi my name is Aiden and I’m from Mrs. Braidwood’s class. Our class plays set a lot. We play it two times a week. Our class really enjoys the card game set. Our least amount of time we got is one minute and nine seconds. What is your least amount of time?

  • Gavin

    Hi my name is Gavin and I’m in Mrs. Braidwoood’s class and I’m in grade seven. Our class does SET a lot we do it three times a week. Our best time was one minute nine seconds. What was your best time?

  • greg

    Hello my name is Greg from Mrs.Braidwood’s class. I love playing Set it is very fun. Our whole class plays it every week or two. Where can you buy the game?

  • Liam

    Hi my name is Liam and I am in Mrs.Braidwood’s class. We play the same game sometimes when we have free time. Our record in our class this year is 1 minute and 56 seconds. Have you ever played just the card version?

  • Dakota

    Hi I’m Dakota from Mrs Braidwood’s class.
    I agree Set is a really fun game!
    We get to play Set everyday on the daily challenge.
    We keep on trying to beat our record!
    What was your best time on Set?

  • Emily

    Hi. I’m Emily from Mrs.Braidwood’s 6/7 Class. My classes best time is one minute ten seconds. I think our worst time would be seven minutes. I like Set because it’s kind of hard but it’s a really fun and a neat puzzle. What’s your best time?

  • TeacherMom

    Hello, everyone! I’m glad you get to play Set so often. I don’t know what my best time was. This morning I got 1 minute and 4 seconds, but I know I have done some of the puzzles in under a minute. And sometimes I get really stumped and go 2 or 3 minutes! :/

    Greg, you can buy the game from or from the Set website, or sometimes you can find it in a store.

  • Katelyn

    We love set! Kyle got it for his bday.

  • Chevaun

    Hi I am Chevaun from Mrs.Braidwoods class. Our class plays the SET Daily Puzzle too. I think it is fun to play SET. I played it last year in Mrs.Braidwoods class. I am not really good at playing SET, because I find one but then it is already picked. Does your class enjoy playing SET?

  • TeacherMom

    My class doesn’t play the game together, Chevaun, since we don’t have a way to share the website, but at least some of us enjoy playing it individually. I know what you mean about finding one that is already picked — I do that all the time, too, especially when I’m trying to find the last of the 6 sets. It can be frustrating, but it’s still fun!

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