King’s Daughter Photography Contest

Do you like to take pictures? Katelyn is hosting a photo contest at King’s Daughter Photography.

Follow These Instructions

  1. Look through the pictures you’ve taken. Find your favorite one that would fit the theme Night, or take a new photo especially for this contest.
  2. Post the picture on your blog. Add Katelyn’s button (copy it from her blog’s sidebar) to your blog post, too.
  3. Go to King’s Daughter Photography and click the You’re next… Click here to enter (at the bottom of the article). Be sure to use your blog post URL, not your blog’s home page.

Sounds pretty easy, right? So get started!

The deadline is Thursday, November 25 at 3:30pm Central Time (UTC-06:00). I look forward to seeing all your pictures.

My Entry

I’m more of a snap-shooter than a photographer, but I looked through my files and found a nighttime picture. We do our birthday parties at night, after dinner has been cleared away. By family tradition, there is always a hidden present. The birthday child will blow out his candles and unwrap most of his presents, but the last one is buried somewhere in (or outside) the house. He gets a poem with clues and then goes on a treasure hunt.

Chickenfoot turns 13


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