Yet Another Bothersome Feature

I hate internet pop-ups of all sorts: pop-up ads, pop-up menus, pop-up previews, or any other pop-up features that block the text I’m trying to read.

Today, introduced yet another “helpful” pop-up feature for our blogs: Gravatar Hovercards. If you want to turn off these annoying pop-ups, go to Settings > Discussion and scroll down to the Avatars section. UNcheck the box for Gravatar Hovercards.


4 responses to “Yet Another Bothersome Feature

  • chuckbumgardner

    Perosnally, I thought that was a good idea, I do see why it could be bothersome though

  • katiejoyb

    Sorry, I always forget to check to see who’s logged in 🙂 That was me

  • TeacherMom

    So, Katelyn, shall I just assume that whenever your dad drops by to comment, it’s really you in disguise?

    I think that people who enjoy social networking probably like the new feature. I just wish that WordPress would make it turned off by default, rather than imposing it on all of us. For me, I tend to fidget with my mouse while I’m reading online, and I hate it when that causes something to pop up and block the paragraph I’m trying to read.

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