New Sharing Options, and How to Add Delicious

Last week introduced their new sharing options:

Make Sharing Easy, But Avoid Clutter

I like the idea of giving my readers an easy way to do anything they might want to do, but I don’t like the cluttery look of a half-dozen or more buttons at the bottom of every post. (That was my complaint against the Like feature, too.) With this in mind, I hid most of the options behind a Share button — the menu appears if you move your mouse over it.

Do you like to have the post count on the buttons? I don’t! I think it is more clutter, especially for a small blog like this. (I might feel differently if my blog was so popular that the share counts were 100+, right? 🙂 !) Anyway, if you WANT to show the number, click the “smart” button.

Add a Delicious Button

One popular sharing service that WordPress missed is Delicious. To add a button, you will need to click Add a new service and fill in the following information:

Make sure you copy all of each link, with no space or line break. I don’t know what each part of the link does (why a plus sign after the URL?), but I tested this, and it works. If you know more than I do, and if you’d like to share a simpler URL in the comments, I’d be glad to hear it.


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