I “Unlike” the New Like Button

Does this help encourage blog comments and online relationships? Or is it clutter?

How about when it shows up on ALL your old posts? Thanks to the geniuses at WordPress.com, even posts which have attracted readers and comments for years now say:

? ! ?

My Preferences

I’ve never cared for Rate This Post buttons, either. I don’t click such things, whether I like the post or not — if I have something to say, I’ll put my energy into leaving a comment. Or else I just move on and continue browsing.

If you want to turn off like buttons on your blog, go to Appearance > Extras and UNclick the “Show a like button” option. While you’re there, I suggest you also UNclick “Enable mShots” (I hate pop-ups!) and DO click “Hide related links” (’cause auto-generated links are too unpredictable).

What Do You Think?

Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Do you like the like button? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!


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