Enter the Summer Homeschooling Contest

photo by MarcinMoga / Lolek

Would you like a chance to win a gift, just for blogging? Blog contests can be a fun way to attract new readers to your blog, and sometimes you even manage to win something!

Here’s a great new contest for homeschoolers:

Summer Homeschooling CurrClick Contest

Write a blog post about what you’re learning this summer, and then copy the link into a comment at the contest post. Remember to use HTML to make your link! Of course, you could just write a comment at the contest post, but a link will draw more traffic to your blog.

As an added bonus, if you write a blog post, you can also send it to one (or more!) of the upcoming blog carnivals:

The prize for the Summer Homeschooling CurrClick Contest is a $25 gift certificate or audiobook of your choice from CurrClick. If you’ve never heard of CurrClick before, you should go browse their website. They offer a free ebook every week plus plenty of other fun resources to choose from:



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