Homeschool Blogging Class II

photo by Mike Licht,

Local homeschoolers: It’s time to sign up for our co-op class! Learn all about blogging (and plenty about writing in general) and have fun at the same time. We meet on Monday afternoons, and we’d love to have you join us whether you’re an experienced blogger or an absolute beginner.

[Note: If you’re not a local homeschooler, feel free to follow our Blogging Lessons anyway!]

Here are the details…

Writing and Blogging Class

Maximum Size: 7 students.
(We can take more if students have a laptop or netbook, but our computer lab only has seven stations — and it’s not unusual for one or two of those to go on the blink. 😦 )

Schedule: Monday afternoons, 2:30-3:20PM.

Grade Levels: 4th – 12th (ages 9 & up.)

Prerequisite: minimum 4th grade reading level.

Description: Learn writing and editing skills the fun way with your own online blog. Keep track of your site statistics as you publish your stories, link to your friends’ blogs, and meet other homeschool bloggers from around the world. For more information and examples of student blogs, visit Blogging 2 Learn.

Homework: Required – about one hour of homework on the Internet every week, writing your blog and reading your classmates’ blogs.

Supplies: Folder/binder and pen/pencil. Laptop or netbook computer suggested but not required.

Textbook: DownWRITE Funny by Randy Larson (available at or for about $14.)

Class Fee: $15.

What Should I Teach?

If you are a new or experienced blogger, I’d love to hear your input:

  • What advice would you give a homeschool student about blogging?
  • What did you find confusing when you started blogging?
  • What is the most helpful thing you’ve ever learned about writing (not just blogging, but writing in general)?

Or anything else you’d like to share!


4 responses to “Homeschool Blogging Class II

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  • Home School Dad

    I am teaching a blogging class at our co-op as well.

    Some of the topics I will be teaching will be Internet Security, How to put pictures on blogs, how to participate in carnivals and meme’s.

    The advice I would give students is to have parental involvement and permission for their blogs. Another piece of advice is not to give their full names or exact location to anyone.

    I still have a lot of planning to do on it, but perhaps our classes could work together on a project of some sort. Just an idea.

  • TeacherMom

    Several of the things you mentioned are part of my class. I always start with a handout of the Internet Safety Rules, and we try to get submissions in for the Homeschool Kids Carnival. I haven’t taught about memes, since those aren’t something I do much with in my own blogging.

    It would be fun to share blogrolls with your class. It’s always exciting for the kids to have someone “outside” read and comment on their writing.

    If you can think of a project to share, I’ll be happy to consider it. We have a short semester in the fall, since we have to be done before Thanksgiving, but there might be time for something…

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