Week 12: The End?

photo by Nicholas_T

Today is the last week of our homeschool co-op blogging class. So where do we go from here? Will you keep blogging? Will you come back next semester?

I have really enjoyed watching all of your blogs grow, and I hope you will continue writing over the summer.

We need to finish up a few things this week:

1) Choose one blog post for me to print out for display at our Culmination party next Thursday. You can tell me which one you want in the Comments section below this post.

2) Write a new blog post with a link to The Homeschool Kids Carnival #15, which includes the article you submitted earlier this month. It’s always polite to post a link whenever someone includes you in a blog carnival.

You can copy the following paragraph, if you wish:

The new homeschool kids blog carnival is up, with plenty of cool blog posts to read. Check it out: Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival #15 – Emirpimes!

Don’t forget to make the name into a link!

3) One of the things that makes blogging fun is that we get to meet new friends online:

  • Visit some of the blogs in the carnival, or use the links in my sidebar.
  • See if you can find someone you’d like to add to your own blogroll.
  • Leave a comment on that person’s blog to let him or her know you were there.

4) Finally, if you would like to receive blog tips and writing prompts over the summer, subscribe to my blog. And have a great year! 🙂


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