Week 11: Winding Down

photo by chimothy27

Today, we play! 🙂 The students have their blogs fairly well set up, and last week’s lesson on Categories was the final “reader friendliness” topic I plan to teach. Our remaining two weeks of the semester will be devoted to just plain blogging.

Looking Ahead

We’ve had so much fun with the class that I think I’ll offer it through out homeschool co-op again next semester, although I would like to add more of a focus on different types of writing. I want to encourage the kids to write more about what they are learning (like Twilie’s post Dynamite Mama Jones) and perhaps also to use their blogs as online commonplace books.

Of course, the kids’ blogs are their own, and they have to follow their own interests, but I would like to make them more aware of the possibilities. For instance, I’m sure that none of them have yet realized how many homeschoolers might appreciate reviews of homeschool curricula or online resources written by students who actually use it (for instance, Kitten’s post about math games) and what a traffic booster such topics could be.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the course, I would love to hear them. Please comment!


One response to “Week 11: Winding Down

  • Tatiana

    Hello to all of you! I would like to second what your teacher has said about other homeschoolers appreciating your perspectives and opinions. As a relatively new homeschooler who is overwhelmed with all the stuff available, I’d love to hear a student’s perspective on anything and everything education related. For example, what math programs have you loved or hated? What writing assignments have you found the most enjoyable? What books do you recommend? We old people don’t know what new books there are! What educational things do you like to do online? (Thank you to Kitten’s post about math games – it was a great suggestion!) For all of you wondering what to post, please consider sharing whatever it is you do or think or like about homeschooling. You do have an audience listening (reading, I mean)!

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