A Student Teaches Me

photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

The good news is, my students are comfortable with clicking around to find what they need.

The bad (or at least, embarrassing) news: They find things I never noticed in nearly four years of blogging.

For week 3, our class talked about Copyright Law and how to brainstorm using Mind Maps. Then we moved to the computer to create our Blogrolls. I’ve always entered the information by hand, and I prepared a worksheet to walk them through the steps:

Almost immediately, one of the students pointed out that all they needed to do was:

  1. Visit the blog they wanted to include,
  2. click Blog Info on the WordPress Navigation Stripe (the gray stripe at the top of the page whenever one is logged in to a WordPress.com account),
  3. click Add to Blogroll,
  4. and WordPress handles the details automatically.

Why had I never figured that out? Oh, well, easy-come and easy-go. WordPress.com changed their layout, and the easy blogroll method no longer works. If the steps on the handout are not clear enough, check out my post Week 2: How Do You Get Ideas? for step-by-step instructions.


One response to “A Student Teaches Me

  • TeacherMom

    Actually, the handout is worth more than I thought at the time. The kids were only adding their classmates’ blogs to the blogroll, all of which were on WordPress.com, so the shortcut worked. But to add blogs hosted on other sites (like many of the “Other Student Blogs” in my sidebar), they will need method described in the handout.

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