Learn Through Blogging — Real Life Examples

Maria at Teaching College Math posted an interesting update on the blogging project for her Math for Elementary Teachers class:

She writes:

“It was the first time I have ever used blogs as a graded student learning assessment, and I didn’t really know what to expect out of the students. Would they all have created blogs before? [no] Would they understand intuitively how to make hyperlinks, load in images, and embed videos? [no, no, and no] Would they write naturally in a conversational tone (in the style of most blogs)? [yes] Would they make their blog posts two or three times a week (as directed) or would they cram them all in during the last couple days? [some of both]…”

I especially like her blog grading rubric. I know the image is hard to read, so click over to her article for the details. Even though our homeschool co-op classes don’t give grades, I would like to adapt the rubric as a guideline for my kids.

[Note: The decision came down to some last minute shuffling, but yes, it looks like we will have enough students to hold the blogging class. So I guess I had better get back to planning…]


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