Updated Class Schedule, Weeks 7-12

photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

Here is the remainder of my latest attempt at outlining a schedule for my blogging course. We will have 12 weekly class sessions and then the Culmination Party. I hope to cover all the basic concepts a blogger might need to know through in-class discussions and handouts, plus allow about half of each class session for hands-on exploring. I am sure that I will be adjusting and tweaking topics right up to the day of each class. If you have any suggestions, please share them in the Comments section below!

Week 7: The Blogging Community (& Introduction to HTML)

Class discussion: Link love, blog carnivals, and how to write non-spammy comments.
Computer time: Go to the blog carnival website and submit a post.
Homework: Write at least one blog post that comments on and links to a classmate’s post. Read your classmates’ blogs and comment on at least two posts.

Week 8: Organization (Categories and Tags)

Class discussion: How categories and tags help readers. Using “Quick Edit.”
Computer time: Go through your old posts and add categories or tags.
Homework: Write. Read. Comment. Put a category list or tag cloud in your sidebar.

Week 9: Finding and Keeping Readers

Class discussion: What makes you come back to a blog?
Computer time: Visit and comment on a non-classmate blog.
Homework: Write. Read. Comment.

Week 10: Show Off Your Favorite Posts

Class discussion: The problem with archives.
Computer time: Group writing project — your favorite post.
Homework: Write. Read. Comment.

Week 11: What Are Your Stats?

Class discussion: What exactly do the different stats measure, and which are the most useful?
Computer time: Explore your Stats page.
Homework: Write. Read. Comment.

Week 12: Keep It Going

Class discussion: How can you keep your blogging momentum going?
Computer time: Students’ choice.
Homework: Write. Read. Comment.


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