Week 3: Writing & Copyrights (Lesson Draft)

photo by karindalziel

This will be our third week of class, and I think it’s time to focus on actually writing our blogs. The kids can continue to play around with their themes and format, but the main point of a blog is to communicate — so let’s get blogging!

Class discussion

  • Respect copyrights.
  • What kinds of things can you write?
  • Brainstorming tips.
  • Use “Drafts” to save ideas.
  • Be a good neighbor: Post a “Blogroll.”

Computer time

  • Add at least one link to your blogroll.
  • Start and save a Draft post.


  • Write at least one new post for your blog.
  • Brainstorm 5 more ideas that you might write about.
  • Add the rest of your classmates’ blogs to your blogroll.

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