Week 2: Getting Started on WordPress.com (Lesson Draft)

photo by oskay

Many of our homeschool families seem to be fairly Internet-challenged, so I plan to use one whole class session just to get everyone’s blog account set up. If it goes quickly, then the kids will have plenty of time to play around with themes…

Class session

  • Terms of Service.
  • Creating a WordPress.com account.
  • Logging in.
  • What is the Dashboard?
  • Tweaking the Settings. (Just the basics: timezone, nickname.)
  • Go to your blog. Can you find the Header? Sidebar? Sample post & comment? Blogroll? About page?
  • How to write a Post or Page. (And how to edit one that is already written.)
  • Playing with Themes.


  • Fix the “Hello world” post so it is about you and your blog — but remember Internet Safety!
  • Edit the “About” page so it says something about you. (You can copy some of your “Hello world” post, if you want.)
  • Delete the sample comment.

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