Making a Plan

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If Godzilla can do it, so can I, right?

For the winter/spring semester of our homeschool co-op classes, we will be meeting 12 times (plus an extra session for an end-of-semester party). Each class session, I figure we will spend about half the time talking about blogging tips and about half the time online, working on our blogs.

That means I need to come up with 12 topics, with related activities to do online. None of the topics can be too detailed, since I want to leave the students plenty of time on their computers. I have a tendency to try to cram in too much information, so I need to pare each lesson down to only what is needed.

Tentative Topic List

  1. Introduction: What is a Blog?
  2. Getting Started with
  3. Writing & Copyrights
  4. RSS and Feedburner (& Intro to HTML)
  5. Adding Media: Photos & Video
  6. Reader-Friendly Editing and Format
  7. Reader-Friendly Settings and Widgets
  8. The Blogging Community
  9. Where Do You Get Ideas?
  10. Show Off Your Favorite Posts
  11. What Are Your Stats?
  12. Keep It Going

Any Suggestions?

If anyone out there wants to offer tips or ideas, I am always open to suggestions! I keep changing and rearranging my list, and I still am not sure I’ve hit on the most important things to cover…


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